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"As a mother of two and a survivor of miscarriage myself, I cannot begin to thank you for caring for these women in arguably the most vulnerable and challenging times their lives."

- Amy R.

"Life presents so many challenges...heartache and breathtaking, beautiful moments. God gives us the grace to rise above. You and your sweet baby will leave a lasting legacy. Such a gift of love."

- Sue G.

"Turning grief into love is amazing"

- Gina S.

"For you to turn your experience into something positive, to help other moms who deal with your same emotions is brave and selfless. You will hear from people from all over, who are encouraged by your work. Thank you for your work."

- Jess

"I was so sad to hear of your miscarriage, but completely unsurprised by your resilience and finding a way to make beauty out of grief and hardship."

- Candace

"You have taken this tragedy and turned it into a godsend for others."

- Ann

"Miscarriages are heartbreaking, and it can be so difficult to find the silver lining. Kind words can easily be misconstrued after experiencing the loss of a baby, but a gift or care package universally shows love and support."

- Leah

"I love your kindness and creativity behind such a silent and prevalent issue. I would've loved to have had the courage to talk about my own experience more, and I know I would've loved a package like this amid the sterility of the hospital environment. You're an angel to all these women."

- Elissa

"I am blown away by your ministry. So beautiful. I wish I would have had something like this when I lost my first baby. Thank you for doing this for other moms. I see you have also walked this journey. I'm so sorry for your loss...the best healing is honoring our babes and doing something in their name. I love that you stepped out boldly and made that happen. So inspired by you."

- Bethany

"You have turned your loss...the loss of your sweet baby...into life giving energy for others."

- Sue Ella

"I'm just so sorry for your suffering and loss, but so inspired by your faith and action."

- Whitney

Pebble Beach


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