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Emily was recently selected as a local "Everyday Hero" here in Milwaukee, WI. 

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"Emily Landers had a miscarriage in December-- and she immediately channeled her loss into joy. She created A Little Something. A Lot of Love to bring joy to other moms going through the same thing. She's created space for an important conversation around miscarriage. And on her baby's due date, she organized a special event." Natalie Shepherd CBS58 Milwaukee


Emily recently met with Spectrum News 1 anchor Alyson Bruner to explain how A Little Something. A Lot of Love started, and how Joy Bombs are bringing much needed happiness and support to women who need it most. 

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The Joy Bombs are filled with local items as well as handcrafted items and a hand written note from Emily. Emily then delivers the Joy Bombs to hospitals around the Milwaukee area. Nurses then have access to these care packages and can donate them to mothers who experience a loss. To date, Emily has donated nearly 180 care packages. 

Alyson got to tag along to her most recent hospital donation..her 178th Joy Bomb given to date.


Emily's mission and A Little Something, A Lot of Love was recently highlighted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Wisconsin Family section in an article titled, "Pregnancy loss is often isolating. These two moms are helping, with gift bags, support groups and empathy."


Amy Schwabe discusses both The Babbling Babes, another local community group focused on empowering moms by planning local gatherings, and Emily's A Little Something. A Lot of Love. 

Amy writes, of Landers, "I went home and literally the next morning, I had the idea of creating joyous care packages for moms in the hospital going through pregnancy loss, stillbirth and miscarriage," 

Landers, an artist, wanted to personally create the items in the gift bags, also noting that putting her energy into creating art was healing for her as she worked through her grief and sadness."


"The joy bombs, and the individual items contained in them, can be bought through Landers' website, and the funds she raises through those sales pay for Landers' main mission — to supply hospitals with joy bombs to give to people who have a pregnancy loss."


Landers has been surprised by one thing. That going through her loss has given her the chance to speak up about miscarriage in hopes that it helps women feel less alone.  


Schwabe writes,"Now I've become this person who's outspoken about miscarriage and about loss," said Landers. "It's hard to talk about, it's not beautiful to talk about, so I'm trying to be a person out there talking about my emotions and some of the hard stuff so people can feel comfortable doing so too."

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Amy Schwabe Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Full story here


Emily Landers, founder of A Little Something. A Lot of Love, recently sat down with CBS 58's Gabriella Bachara to discuss the upcoming Mother's Day holiday and how it can be a triggering reminder for many.

Mother's Day isn't all chocolates, flowers, and balloons. For many, it is a sobering reminder what's not there & these days prove difficult.

Landers hopes to provide light on these days- not just to women int he hospital going through miscarriage with her Joy Bomb care packages, but to women walking through loss, in the waiting, trying to conceive or missing their children by creating a safe space for women walking this journey.

Along with Opal Stone, owner of Wild and Precious Boutique in Grafton, Landers has created a community surrounding loss- fellow loss moms get together to make bracelets and create other items for the Joy Bomb care packages.

She wants all women to know they are not alone and that they are stronger together sharing their hardships, feelings and experiences. 

Landers encourages all women to remember, especially on days like Mother's Day, that they are already a mother. Their hearts burst with strength, patience & love. Hope can be found in unexpected places and light comes from darkness, just as it has for Landers

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