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  • How did you get the idea for A Little Something?
    After going through a miscarriage at 15 weeks, I realized how important it was to have the support of family and friends. It was also the perfect project to work on while grieving the loss of my baby. I could turn grief into love while honoring the memory of my precious baby. I want other moms and dads to know that they are not alone. That someone else has been through it, cares so much and has come out even stronger after it all.
  • What will my donation go towards?
    Your donation will go directly to the "Joy Bomb" bags we provide to hospitals. The bags will be gifted to women going through miscarriage on the labor and delivery floor. The funds raised will be used to purchase the supplies to make the gifts. We appreciate each and every donation and every little bit helps tremendously. The more we raise, the more women will receive the bags.
  • I'd love to donate an item for the "Joy Bomb" gift bags, is this possible?"
    Absolutely! We would love to discuss a collaboration. Email me at and we can talk. What a generous offer!!
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