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One bracelet purchased is one bracelet donated to a woman going through miscarriage.


This listing is for the round bead style of the chakra bracelet. It is elegant, eye-catching and packed with positivity. Each bracelet comes with card detailing the crystals used on the bracelet and the healing properties of each stone. 


This bracelet was handmade with thoughts of healing, strength, protection, and positivity. In addition to its beauty, some people believe the crystals used offer many healing properties. Either way, wear it knowing someone is here for you, has been through difficult times and has come out even stronger. 


Each authentic gemstone used in this bracelet corresponds specifically to one of the seven chakras. Beads are in chakra order. In addition to the chakra gemstones, each bracelet contains one unique faceted glimmer of hope bead. Let it be a sign of encouragement. A note is included explaining each stone and its healing properties. 


This is the style of bracelet women receive in their Joy Bomb at the hospital.


Healing Gemstone Chakra Bracelet- Round Bead

SKU: 0003
  • For every bracelet purchased, one is donated to a mom going through miscarriage. Bracelets will bring hope and healing to anyone.

    Because each stone is unique in color, shape and size, your bracelet may vary from images pictured here. We believe the uniqueness of each piece is part of its beauty.

    Handmade elastic bracelet made with genuine stones and crystals. Stones algin to the seven chakras and are specifically selected to promote healing, positivity, strength and protection. The more you are in contact with the crystals, the more they will work for you, keep them close on your wrist!

    Stones include:

    1. Black Obsidian: protective stone that shields negative energy, draws out mental stress and tension

    2. Citrine: uplifting stone that allows you to tap into happiness and a positive flow of energy. Promotes self-confidence and feelings of self-esteem and self worth.

    3. Tiger’s Eye: release fear and anxiety, aids in harmony and balance, promotes deep inner strength and courage

    4. Rose Quartz: helps the heart to heal from pain, brings compassion, peace and warmth. It is a powerful stone of love and self-love while instilling peacefulness and calm.

    5. Turquoise: promotes self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, combats exhaustion, anxiety and depression. Solace for the spirit as it dispels negative energy

    6. Amethyst: relieves stress and strain, dispels anger and anxiety, promotes sleep, cultivates courage. Balances mind & emotions (especially for those suffering grief, loss and sadness).

    7. Clear Quartz: known as the master healer, brings powerful positive vibrations and deep soul cleansing. Shield against negative energy and depression while stimulating joy and spiritual growth.

    Available in raw cut or round bead styles.

  • Always roll your bracelet on your wrist, instead of stretching it on to fit.

    Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, or swimming. 

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