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This bracelet is a double whammy of protection- with both Lapis Lazuli and an evil eye bead you are armed against whatever may come your way.


It's stunning matte Lapis is a deep blue stone with veins of gold or white running through. The stone has deep roots in Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages. (Think Tutankhamen's eye shadow!!!)


She's an alluring, calming force that protects you from outside influence and negative energy.


It's such an amazing piece to stack with you other A Little Something bracelets and has sold out numerous times.


Why Lapis? Enhances communication, wards off evil and negative energy and empowers your thoughts, opens third eye and connects to higher wisdom.


Why Evil Eye? Evil Eye pieces are designed to protect the wearer from evil and ward off any negativity  directed at them. Wearing any piece of jewelry with the evil eye symbol on it provides the wearer with both power and protection against evil spirits or bad luck.


Who needs it? Anyone needing to speak one's truth, anyone who needs to ward off negativity. 


Each of these bracelets contains 6mm round genuine matte finish Lapis, one Evil Eye bead and faceted gold Heishi accent beads. I adore the regal combination.


Available in standard 7 inches in length & 8 inch 

Evil Eye- Matte Lapis with Gold Accent Beads

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  • Always roll your bracelet on your wrist, instead of stretching it on to fit.

    Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, or swimming. 

  • For every bracelet purchased, one is donated to a mom going through miscarriage. Bracelets will bring hope and healing to anyone.

    Because each stone is unique in color, shape and size, your bracelet may vary from images pictured here. We believe the uniqueness of each piece is part of its beauty.

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