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This beauty harnesses that whole Stevie Nicks, "Go your own way..." Robert Frost "The road less traveled" vibe. Why be cookie cutter, why follow the lead of everyone else when you could blaze your own trail?


A beautiful and unexpected combination of matte finish 8mm Dalmatian Jasper, mint vinyl disc beads and gold triangle faceted Heishi beads. She's an eye catching, intriguing, artistic individualist.


You can't help but feel confident, beautiful and joyful in this bracelet.


Strong enough to stand on its own yet the perfect jazzy compliment to your existing A Little Something stack.


Hands down one of my favorites.


Why Dalmatian Jasper? often referred to as the stone of joy, it can help to release hurt and anger. The stone allows us to connect to our inner child- letting go of bitterness while immersing ourselves in the positive aspects of life.


Who needs it? Anyone who tends to worry or has a tendency to see things a little "half empty." Anyone needing a good laugh, or an ounce of optimism. Anyone needing to dispel the negativity from complainers or pessimists you may be forced to share space with. Anyone needing an instant pick me up. 


Each of these bracelets contains 8mm round genuine matte finish jasper, mint round vinyl beads and faceted gold triangle Heishi accent beads. I adore the combination of color on these and their nod to my logo (mint green color and triangle beads). 


Available in standard 7 inches in length & 8 inch 

Divergent- Dalmatian Jasper with Mint & Gold Accent Beads

Out of Stock
  • Always roll your bracelet on your wrist, instead of stretching it on to fit.

    Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, or swimming. 

  • For every bracelet purchased, one is donated to a mom going through miscarriage. Bracelets will bring hope and healing to anyone.

    Because each stone is unique in color, shape and size, your bracelet may vary from images pictured here. We believe the uniqueness of each piece is part of its beauty.

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