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Fill your home with treasures, light and surprise with these handmade candles. Each candle contains beach glass collected along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Burn this candle, renew your spirit, and bring some light to your life while finding gorgeous beach glass treasures.


Why beach glass?? First off, my boys and I started collecting it this summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan, so it is super special to me. Second, it's so symbolic- something that was once whole and "perfect" can break, but time and circumstances can reveal an unanticipated beauty. 


All natural soy wax used. Each candle comes with pieces of authentic sea glass. Burn time is approximately 18-20 hours. Hand poured in small batches.


Choose between our calming blend or our comfort blend. Our calming blend features a unique blend of essential oils targeted at reducing stress, anxiety while refreshing your space. The comfort blend is warming, peaceful and romantic.


**To remove the glass, when you see it peeking through in the hot wax, use a spoon to carefully scoop it out**



Beach Glass Treasure Candle

SKU: 0004
  • Small batch, hand-poured. 4 oz., all natural soy wax candle in glass jar with gold lid. Approximate burn time: 18 hours.

    Choose from two different blends:

    Comfort- Tobacco Vanilla

    Calming- Lemon, Lavendar, Eucalyptus

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