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7 stones that align with all 7 Chakras, or energy centers of our body.

Because, when our chakras are balanced, we are the best version of ourselves.

When in harmony, our mood lifts, and we are more patient, focused and creative.


Each crystal set comes with a page detailing the different stones, how to use and how to care for your new gorgeous crystals.


Why use crystals? Energy flows where our attention goes. Crystals are magical little vessels of healing. Everything in this world has its own atomic makeup, frequency and vibration. Energy is key and crystals vibrate at such a high frequency that they allow us to tap into and balance our energy fields. They allow us to raise our own vibrations so more energy and positivity can pass through.


They can help us with emotional, spiritual and physical health. Many people believe that illnesses and stagnancy arise from a lack of energy flowing through specific parts of our body, or our chakras. Different stones have different healing properties.


How to use them? Crystals can be used in meditation, visualization and affirmation. They can clear emotional blockages, and they can cleanse people and spaces. You can place them on your specific chakras, you can simply carry them with you, or put them in a space that needs specific energies in the environment by strategically placing crystals in your space. 


Don't forget to charge your crystals in direct light or moonlight. (I love my monthly ritual of charging my crystals on each full moon). 


I have often found that the crystal you are most drawn to is the stone that represents areas in which you need the most work. Trust your intuition


Caring for crystals: wake them up with a cold shower, purify them with a salt bath, charge in the nurturing powerful vibes from the moon, smudge with Palo Santo or sage, use Selenite to reboot


Stones Include:

1. Root Chakra. Black Obsidian: protective stone, calms, shields against negative energy, draws out mental stress and tension, supports grounding.

2. Sacral Chakra. Citrine: uplifting stone, fosters self-esteem, allows you to tap into happiness and a positive flow of energy.

3. Solar Plexus. Tiger’s Eye: release fear and anxiety, aids in harmony and balance, promotes deep inner strength and courage, promotes action and boosts confidence.

4. Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz: Promotes and strengthens all types of love. Helps the heart to heal from pain, brings compassion, peace and warmth.

5. Throat Chakra. Turquoise: promotes self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, combats exhaustion, anxiety and depression. Solace for the spirit as it dispels negative energy. Allows for honest and truthful communication.

6. Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst: relieves stress and strain, dispels anger and anxiety, promotes sleep, cultivates courage. Balances mind & emotions (especially for those suffering grief, loss and sadness).

7. Crown Chakra.  Clear Quartz: known as the master healer, brings powerful positive vibrations and deep soul cleansing. Shield against negative energy, stimulates joy and spiritual growth.


7 stone chakra crystal set

  • Because of the unique nature of crystals, no two stones are alike. Your stones may vary in color and size from those photographed in this listing. 

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